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Ying Tang, Ph.D.
Over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical process R&D and API manufacturing; 
Formerly Distinguished Scientist at Roche Colorado Corp.;
Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from University of Manchester, UK.;
Post-doctor at the University of South Carolina.
Mr. Xiaowen Zhang
Vice President of Administration
Over 15 years’ experience in business operation; 
Formerly manager of operation of Nanjing Anyuan Medicine Investment Group Company.
Mr. Jie Yang
Director of R&D
Over 15 years’ experience in pharmaceutical process R&D and API manufacturing;
B.S. in Chemistry from Taiyuan University of Technology.
Mr. Zhongjun Shi
Director of Quality
Over 25 years’ experience in quality management (QA/QC); 
Formerly manager of QA of Nanjing Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.;
B.S. in Pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University.
Mr. Rui Liu
Director of Production
Over 10 years’ experience in production; 
B.S. in Chemistry from China University of Petroleum.