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Nanjing Pharmatechs provides integrated custom synthesis services ranging from drug discovery to commercialization.

Drug Discovery Support Service

  Small-scale synthesis of lead drug candidates, lead analogs and scaffolds;

  Reference standard, impurity and metabolite preparations.

Process Research & Development

  Synthetic route design, evaluation and scouting;

  Process development and optimization to reduce cost and maximize throughput;

  Analytical method development for in-process control and final product analysis; 

  Evaluation of processes for environmental health and safety issues; 

  Identification of impurity profiles for raw materials, intermediates, and final products.

Manufacturing Services

  Manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates; 

  Manufacturing starting materials.

Analytical Services

  Analytical method development and validation;

  Stability studies;

  Analytical characterization;

  Reference standard qualification;

  Quality control analysis.

FTE Based Program

   Our FTE-based prijects focus on the process chemistry to aid pharmaceutical process research and development efforts. For more infomation about our FTE program,please write to sales@nanjingpharma.com