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EH&S Commitment

huaanyaoye EHS is the core target of Nanjing Pharmatechs.

 The company is to be compliant with Chinese laws, regulations and corporate EHS policy.

 The EHS commitment and behavior is the critical component of performance appraisal for every employee.

 The company is to evaluate the effectiveness of EHS management system periodically so as to guarantee the necessary corrective action being implemented, to establish the corrective target and measure the improvement progress, to prevent the occurring of safety accident and environment pollution.

 The company persists in legally treatment of waste water and hazard solid waste to prevent environment pollution; sticks to energy and resource saving in utilities and raw material saving during production.

 The company is willing to provide necessary information and technical support on the product for customer and transport vendor.

 The company is to evaluate the EHS performance of contractor and supplier. And the compliance of EHS requirements will be the component of performance appraisal for them.

 The company strives to identify all the hazards to occupational safety and health, production process, assets, and environment and then establish and implement the optimized control programs.

 The company is to establish the Emergency Response Programs for possible incidents, and the ERPs is to be periodically reviewed.

 The EHS leadership of the management, the well organized EHS training for employees is fundamental for continuous improvement. The company expects all of us holds the responsibility and follow the safety procedure and be compliant with rules and regulations.


 Comprehensive EH&S SOPs are established and implemented through trainings and education.


 Establishment of EH&S Management Committee and EH&S Department;

 Issuing of safe production management system like regulations on flammable and explosive chemicals, toxic chemicals, fire protection prevention and periodic audit. 


 Personal protective equipments such as safety glasses, gloves, safety shoes and hardhats are provided to all R&D   and production personnel;

 Emergency response plan is in place for fire fighting, first aid, chemical spills, accidents, etc.;

 Annual physical examination is mandatory to all employees. 

Waste Water Control

 Processes are developed with emphases on minimization of waste water and solvent recovery;

 Waste water is collected and discharged to the waste water treatment center owned and operated by Chemical Industry Park;

 All discharged water streams from the site are monitored by the environment protection agency of Chemical Industry Park.

Waste Gas Controls

 Acidic and basic off-gases are neutralized using wet scrubbers;

 Off-gases with organics are captured by activated charcoal absorber units.

Solid Waste Controls

 Non-hazardous wastes are shipped to a sanitary landfill by certified waste disposal vender;

 Hazardous wastes are incinerated by contracting with the vender certified for the disposal of hazardous wastes.